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Teach in China - EagleCareers International

Teach in China

About Eagle Careers

EagleCareers’ main focus is teaching positions in Hefei, AnHui, China. We work with high profile schools to provide job opportunities for a range of teaching styles and age groups. 

Our schools range from foreigner family owned and operated English schools, Art and Dance English franchise schools, nationally franchised English schools, kindergartens, high schools, universities, colleges and institutions.

Excellence and Success
Eagle Careers is way above the rest, we are not merely a Job board, we are a Recruiting Agency who specialise in your needs.  We have developed the social and professional networks in China to ensure you will have as good a time as possible.  We understand your needs and concerns and are proactive in addressing them.


We are seeking graduates at the beginning of their career as well as mature experienced professionals for teaching positions in excellent schools.

New graduates and non-teachers must obtain a TEFL, TESL, CELTA or similar certificate.  120 hours on-line or in-class course is sufficient.


To obtain a Z-visa for teaching English in China, candidates must have a degree and passport from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom or South Africa.

China has strict criteria for issuing Z-visas for teaching English including Police clearance and Health check.

Apply for Teaching Positions

Complete this form and upload documents

How Are We Different From Other Agencies?


Eagle Careers is unique in the industry in a number of ways. 

Eagle Careers International is a joint venture between Australia and China with Eagle Careers HR management China dealing with Chinese aspects such as contacts, Chinese law, employers and visa processing in China while Eagle Careers Recruiting Australia deals with the foreign aspects such as recruiting, travel arrangements and settlement of candidates. 

Eagle Careers has an extensive social and professional network in China developed since 2005 through its partnership with Hefeiconnect.com and Hefeiexpat.com to ensure you have a fantastic lifestyle in Hefei. 

Eagle Careers uses experts in their field such as John Wang Attorney at Law for all legal matters including free advice for our candidates should they require legal assistance.

Eagle Careers act as mediator for issues between employer and candidate although proactive to prevent such issues. 

Eagle Careers have your interests in mind to support you for the duration of your journey. 

Useful Information

Living in Hefei

Hefei the New International City

Located 3 hours by fast train, west of Shanghai, 7 hours north west of Hong Kong and 5 hours south of Beijing puts Hefei in the centre of Eastern China. Nanjing is only 1 hour by train.

Hefei is the capital of the agricultural province of Anhui and has existed for more than 2 millenniums, approx 2200 years.  It’s cultural history stems from the Hui Culture (AnHui) famous for food, art, philosophy, literature, architecture, music and dance.  The Beijing Opera had its origins in Anqing, Anhui.  Hefei has always been a significant merchant city, the site of the 3 Kingdoms War and famous as the birth-place of many influential people.

Today, Hefei has a population pushing 12,000,000 planned for 20,000,000 around 2025.  It is the focus for education, technology, logistics, manufacturing, science and a host of other industries.  

Hefei is the fastest growing city in China and one of the fastest in the world.  With modern infrastructure and policies, it’s been voted as one of the most livable cities in China and ranks highly in the world. 

80-90% of Hefei is less than 15 years old.  The modern transport and buildings with the influx of returned Chinese and foreigner make Hefei the new International  city.  

First Impressions

First Impressions Really Make a Difference

Although it seems obvious to us all, most of us still overlook the power of first impressions. 

It’s not only what people see that sticks in one’s mind, we use all our senses instinctively to assess our situation and environment.  Our survival depends on it. 

First meetings begin with first contact.  In applying for jobs that is often submitting the resume.  The majority of big employers and recruiting agencies now use electronic filtering. If your resume can pass the AI filter you’ve likely had an expert write it for you. 

I advise my graduate students to select the 10 companies they really want to work for even if they are not advertising, then personally visit them and hand their resume with a cover letter specific to that company stating why they selected that company, addressing their criteria and requirements.  If possible, make an appointment or ask to see the HR.

Look good

  •     Be well groomed
  •     Be well dressed
  •     Be clean 

Smell good

  •     Freshen your breath
  •     Use deodorant
  •     Don’t smell of strong food 

Sound good

  •     Control your fear
  •     Speak with confidence
  •     Speak clearly 

Feel good

  •     Use a firm handshake 
  •     Have dry hands
  •     Don’t  over touch

Make your introduction brief, show enthusiasm but don’t overstay your welcome.

Often they will tell you that you need to apply online, in which case you bid good day and assure them you will.  

You should have made a good impression that they can relate to and remember when they see your resume online.

Our Partners

Eagle Careers China


HengYing Human Resources Management Co. Ltd. China.

Registered in Hefei, Eagle Careers China is responsible for contracts and all legal issues in China.

Our China office negotiates contracts, mediates and offers legal advice if required.



Hefei Connect Media Company and Mobile APP.

HefeiConnect is a foreign social and professional network organising and promoting sport entertainment, social and professional events and activities for English speakers in Hefei.

AoZhou Enterprises


AoZhou Enterprises and HefeiWaike Consulting Co., Ltd.

Business Consulting Australia-China focuses on trade and business start-ups between Australia and China.

We help foreign business start-up in China and Chinese business start-up in Australia.

International +61 420 403 881

Within Australia 0420 403 881